How to Handle Wet Laundry

Warm weather calls for pool days and beach vacations galore! Gathering your bathing suits and towels is the fun part, but what about lugging them back home once they’re completely damp and sandy. 

Wet laundry in particular, such as bathing suits, gym clothes, or bath towels, need to be cared for properly to avoid moisture and bacteria buildup. Follow our guidelines below to keep your family safe and your laundry pristine.


Do: Remove Chemicals/Residue

If you come into contact with chlorinated water, use a mild soap and rinse off your suit or towel. Excess chemicals can ruin fabric and possibly cause skin irritation. 

Salt water should also be thoroughly rinsed off, however, feel free to skip the soap.


Don’t: Wring Out Your Clothes

It might be your first instinct to wring out your damp clothing to get rid of the excess water, but the pressure could damage your bathing suits and delicate clothing. 

If your clothes feel too heavy to hang up at first, lay flat to dry for about an hour. 


Do: Air Dry Completely

Allow your damp items to air dry completely while they wait to go in the wash. We suggest utilizing an outdoor clothesline in a shaded area to avoid fading. 

Damp clothing stored improperly can be subject to common bacterial infections such as Salmonella and E. coli



Never store wet clothing in closed bags, bundles on the floor, or stuffed in the hamper. If you cannot wash or dry your garments right away, place them in a ventilated mesh bag while they wait to be washed.


Do: Set up Pickup & Delivery Laundry Service 

Tell us all about your laundry preferences: soaps, washing and drying temperatures, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, folding preferences and more.

We’ll wash, dry, fold and return them to you in perfect little bundles the very next day! That’s all it takes to eliminate the task of laundry from your life.


Don’t: Be Bothered with Laundry

Simply leave your clothes out for pick up on laundry day. Then? Read a book. Get outside. Play with the kids. See a movie. We’ll take it from here.

Get started.