Benefits of Using a Laundry Delivery Service

Do you love hauling your laundry bag back and forth, wasting hours at the laundromat? If you know everyone by name at the laundromat, it might just be time for you to take a break. Learn more about the invaluable benefits of our laundry delivery service below!


No Delivery Fees

There are never any hidden fees or delivery charges. Simply choose a pickup day and we will arrange where and when we can pick up your laundry. If you sign up for a pickup and need to cancel, please do so before 6am, otherwise please contact customer service.


We Sort, You Sit Back

Say goodbye to sorting and sifting through different garments. You can send all your laundry in at one time for us to organize, wash, and dry according to your specific preferences. No limits! 


Laundry Status Check

Log into your account to find out when you can expect your driver to arrive, if your clothes have been picked up or returned, and even if they’re waiting to be washed, in the wash, folded and/or packaged and ready to come home. You may also enable text updates for your driver’s arrival on the day of pickup/drop-off.


Turnaround Time

Your perfectly washed and folded clothes will be returned to you in perfect little bundles the very next day. Read a book. Get outside. Play with the kids. Grab a drink with friends. We’ve got it covered. Laundry time is now YOU time.


Personalized Results

Like your socks rolled not folded? Don’t like fabric softeners? Tell us all about your laundry preferences starting from detergent to dryer temperature. We do our best to accommodate every request. You may update your laundry and folding instructions at any time through your account.


Referral Program

Get paid to NOT do laundry? Yup. All customers receive a unique referral code to give out to friends and family. When someone uses your code, you will both receive a $25 credit on your accounts.

Simply give us a call at (855) 335-9274, download our app from the app store or click here to get started! You’re just 3 minutes away from never doing laundry again.