Fluff & Fold

Laundry Services

Self Service

Choose from a large number of modern machines that will have your clothes perfectly clean and dried within an hour, ranging in size to fit your amount of laundry perfectly. Washers and Dryers are operated by free laundry cards. Prices vary depending on size of washer/dryer used and cycles.

Wash and Fold

In today’s busy world, we don’t always have time to do our own laundry. Let us do it for you! Simply drop off your clothing with our laundry professionals and we will take personal care of your clothing. Whites, colors, and delicates are separately washed with premium laundry detergents with fabric softeners to ensure the highest quality when returned to you fresh, clean and neatly folded, socks are matched and returned to you wrapped up nice and tidy like a present.

Pick Up and Delivery

With our HappyNest we can pick up and then deliver your laundry and dry-cleaning . Simply give us a call at 855-335-9274 or click here! We will arrange where and when we can pick up your laundry. Prices vary based on weight and your location.

Commercial Laundry

We offer commercial laundry and dry-cleaning with a personal touch customized to your needs. Simply click here and follow the instructions and you can arrange where and when we can pick up your laundry.

Dry Cleaning (Organic)

Dry cleaning is the use of organic solvents to eliminate soil, as well as, stains from fabric. This is called “drycleaning” due to the fact that the solvents consist of little or no water and do not penetrate the fibers as water does.  Drycleaning is the only safe method for cleaning many types of garments.

Clothes made from wools and silks will certainly shrink and also perhaps lose their color when washed in water, but will dryclean beautifully. Cottons and linens, unless they are preshrunk, will also shrink in home washing.  Drycleaning is particularly effective in eliminating greasy, oily stains from synthetic fibers, which have an affinity for oils.

Fluff and Fold provides much more than just drycleaning.  Fluff and Fold is proud to say that our dry cleaning is done Organically.  With Organic Dry Cleaning your whites will be whiter and your colors more vivid!