What’s That Horrible Smell? Basic Tips to Remove Laundry Odors

What’s That Horrible Smell? Basic Tips to Remove Laundry Odors

A horrible laundry odor is a mood spoiler and a reason why many of us don’t get ourselves into laundry chore. 

Is it just me or has it ever happened to you too that every outfit looks and smells nice until you iron them for an occasion and there – a stinky garment odor that makes you go all… EW!

Armpits are usually a part of a cloth where foul-smelling odors settle stubbornly and also leaves stains. You would think that a regular wash spin will take those both things away but not really! Those garment odors need to be treated rather than temporarily taken away. 

We have listed these excellent laundry tips that’ll keep your wardrobe minty fresh, clean and smell-free. Stay connected!

Deodorize Sweat Smell

That’s typical right? A sweat odor is something we can’t escape our clothes from. It mostly happens because of the bacteria trapped in fiber to cause sweat smell. As soon as you put those clothes on, it starts to build-up again. Solution time:

All you need is water, distilled white vinegar, mild laundry detergent, and baking soda. Mix all substances and use a laundry brush to rub the stubborn spots where sweat odor gets build-up. Now leave it for a regular spin!

Remove Odor without Wash

  • Hang them outside – Especially when you buy clothes from a thrift shop or secondhand store. Just put them out for a day (don’t leave them overnight) and absorb sunlight. Your clothes are good to go!
  • Spray Vinegar – Straighten your clothes inside out and spray white distilled vinegar on them. The amount of acidity present in vinegar will cut down the odor. Now hang them outside for fresh, clean and odor-free clothes.
  • Freeze Odor-Full Clothes in an Airtight Bag – This may sound a little crazy but actually works. Put your odor-caused clothes in a sealing bag and freeze them for 2-3 hours, so it gets thawed. It’ll kill the bacteria causing odor, and make them fresh and clean.

Prevent Odor Build Up in Clothes

  • Store ready-to-wash clothes in a breathable and spacious mesh hamper to prevent causing bacteria.
  • Turn the clothes inside out before putting them in the machine. It helps to remove stubborn sweat and oil odor.
  • With too much-added detergent, the washing machine itself becomes smelly, clean that first before adding clothes.
  • Follow the instruction on the label of laundry detergent while adding. The excess amount can make the water difficult to penetrate.