Top 7 Most Common Laundry Mistakes

Are your clothes damaged every time you take them out of the washer or dryer? Doing laundry might seem like a self-explanatory chore, but there are quite a few laundry mistakes that you may make without even realizing! Keep reading to learn more about common laundry mistakes and how you can avoid them. 


Doing It Yourself

Did you know that each load of laundry takes approximately an hour and a half to complete? In today’s busy world, there are much better things to do than laundry; let us do it for you with our completely customizable pickup and delivery service. Leave the work to us.

Still want to do it yourself? No problem! Continue reading to discover some of the top laundry mistakes and how to avoid them!


Unzipped Zippers

Be sure to zip up those zippers to protect your fabrics! When you leave the zippers of your jeans, jackets, etc unzipped, the metal teeth in the zipper can get caught on other clothing and cause tears. Delicate or woven garments will see the most significant damage. 


Fabric Sorts

One of Fluff & Fold’s most coveted laundry commandments states: 

“Thou shall never throw all of your laundry into the same load.” 

We know you’ve been told to separate your clothing into lights and darks (at least we hope!), but you can  take it a step further. To ensure your clothes stay crisp and clean every time you wash them, sort them by fabric as well. For example, jeans should be washed separately from delicate clothing because of the difference in weight and fabric structure. Jeans may tend to need a heavier wash cycle than delicates which can be destroyed if placed in too heavy of a wash.


Scrubbing a Stain

When you spot a stain, scrubbing away at it might be tempting, but this can actually make matters worse! The best way to remove a stain is to lightly dab the area so that the excess is wiped away as soon as it is affected, then dab with soap and water from the outside in, so that the stain residue is pushed out of the fabric rather than deeper into it. We recommend using a white colored cloth to prevent color transfers to the clothing. 


Unbuttoned Shirts

Blouses and shirts should always be unbuttoned before being placed in the wash to ensure the safety of the buttons. If you skip this step, the buttons may be pulled or loosened during the wash cycle. Also remember to unfasten any buttons located on sleeves or collars. 


Excess Detergent

Excess detergent will not  make your clothes “cleaner.” In fact, it has the opposite effect. Clothes will be left with a filmy residue that continues to collect dirt and bacteria. Be sure to follow laundry and detergent instructions exactly, only use the exact amount that is recommended for your load size. 


Dirty Machines

Just like any area in your home, your washing machine needs to be cleaned too! Be sure to remove freshly washed loads from the washing machine as soon as the cycle is completed. Leaving damp clothing in the washing machine contributes to bacterial growth within the machine and on the clothing itself.  Do not forget to disinfect areas around the machine where moisture and bacteria can be trapped. 

Still confused? We’ve got you covered! Fluff & Fold offers our expert wash and fold or pickup and delivery service to Ocean, Neptune, Toms River, and surrounding areas. Whites, colors, and delicates are separately washed with premium laundry detergents and fabric softeners to ensure the highest quality when returned to you fresh, clean and neatly folded. Contact us with any questions!