The ULTIMATE Way To Fold Your Sweaters

The ULTIMATE Way To Fold Your Sweaters

When it comes to folding laundry, sweaters always present an interesting challenge. They are bulky and take up a lot of space. They stretch on hangers and become an unfolded mess when you try to pick one out of a stack. This makes it difficult to pick the one you want during sweater season or pack them away in spring. Here is the ultimate step by step guide to folding your sweaters. It incorporates tips from professional organizer like Karin Socci, owner of The Serene Home, and Marie Kondo, creator of the KonMari Method to decluttering.

Step 1: Lay your sweater spread out on a flat surface with the back facing you.

Step 2: Take the left sleeve and fold it straight across the sweater to the opposite side. Then repeat with the right sleeve.

Step 3: Then do a tri-fold by folding the left side of the sweater in toward the mid-line and then doing the same with the right. It should be folded so that both sides meet in the middle. Then smooth out your sweater.

Step 4: Fold the sweater in thirds from the bottom up. If it is too bulky, then just fold it in half.

Step 5: Align your sweaters on a shelf or in a drawer vertically. This way, your sweaters are stored neatly. Now you can see what all you have as opposed to picking the same 5 sweaters off of the top of the pile.

This system makes it easier to pick out a sweater without messing up the other folded laundry. It gives you easy access to all your sweater. Also, it’s a great way to maximize space for winter storage in the spring as well as creating an easy transition for next year.

You can use this method to make you laundry needs easier or call us for our wash and fold services to manage all your washing and folding needs.