Summer Stains

Most Common Summertime Stains

As the season comes to an end, it is time to refresh your wardrobe from common summer stains! Here are some of our tips for treating pesky spots left behind by summertime treats and activities.  


Whether the kids are at camp, practicing with the team, or just in your backyard, odds are they’re playing in GRASS! Grass stains can be difficult to remove from light-colored fabrics if not treated quickly. 

How to Clean:

  • Combine ½ T of baking soda and ¼ t of hydrogen peroxide to form a paste
  • Lather the dry stain with the paste and leave for one hour
  • Wipe away the paste and run the garment under cold water
  • Wash according to care tag


Working in the garden or sliding into home plate? We know you know a thing or two about stains. While these are considered ‘tougher to tackle’ stains, you don’t need harsh chemicals to get your clothes back to looking brand new.

How to Clean:

  • Carefully get rid of excess dirt
  • Put a few drops of detergent and water on the stain and use a toothbrush to scrub
  • Repeat this step as necessary
  • Air dry until the stain lifts
  • Wash according to care tag


Nothing says summer like a cold glass of fruity sangria on a warm evening. If you happen to have one spill too many, you’ll want to attend to your clothing as quickly as possible. 

How to Clean:

  • Dab excess wine
  • Soak stain with club soda for at least 30 minutes
  • Gently scrub stain 
  • Wash according to care tag


More heat means more deodorant (we hope!) If you’ve ever lathered on extra deodorant you’re familiar with the residue it can leave behind. But in this case, we recommend a temporary stain!

How to Clean: 

  • Soak stain in white vinegar for about an hour
  • Brush stain with a clean toothbrush
  • Wash according to care tag


BBQ sauce & ketchup & mustard, oh my! We swear hot dogs and hamburgers just taste better in the Summer during a pool party cookout. 

How to Clean:

  • Remove excess sauce
  • Blot dry
  • Combine 1 T dishwashing liquid & 1 C white distilled vinegar and apply to stain
  • Let sit for 15-20 minutes
  • Rinse and repeat as needed
  • Wash according to care tag


You can’t have fun in the sun without protection! When oil-based sunscreens make contact with cotton and polyester fabrics, they tend to leave behind dark, greasy spots.

How to Clean: 

  • Turn clothing inside out
  • Run affected area under cold water
  • Blot the oil spot with a warm, soapy towel 
  • Wash according to care tag
  • If the spot did not come out during the wash cycle, do NOT dry on high heat

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