Most Common Laundry Symbols

Have you noticed that you have a tendency to ruin your clothes while washing or drying such as shrinking or burning small holes in them? Or after some time, you notice your clothes are naturally fading in color? Laundry is an annoying task to most, so we tend to throw as much as we can into the machine, and start it, not even glancing at the care label. 

On nearly every label/tag on your clothes, there are some universal laundry symbols that tell you how to properly handle your item of clothing. These guides include washing, bleaching, drying, ironing, and steaming instructions. Although not all tags will have all of these categories, they will have most. 

Please take a look at the charts below, outlining each symbol that you may see on your laundry care label. Familiarize yourself with them and use this as a reference point!

How to Wash

Water Temperature

Bleach Usage

Air Drying

Basic Dryer Cycles

Permanent Press Dry

Gentle Dry Cycle

Ironing Symbols

Dry Cleaning Symbols

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