Laundry Advice for Allergy Sufferers

Laundry Advice for Allergy Sufferers

Doing laundry for people who suffer from allergies can be no less than a nightmare. In fact, it can worsen your symptoms when you don’t handle laundry delicately. If you or anyone you know suffers from an allergy, can consider these advices to avoid allergens and allergic-reactions.

Use Anti-Allergen Detergent

Strong chemical and scent can immediately trigger an allergic reaction. Therefore, use a detergent that is scent-free with no harsh chemicals that can evoke a reaction or irritation. It’s better to read the substances before buying a detergent. Opt for products that are free from dye, perfume and phosphates.

Clean Your Laundry Space & Washer

Even if you’ve have switched to an anti-allergen detergent now, there’s still a threat of clothes getting contaminated. Because there’s always a residue of substances left in your washer, dryer or laundry space. Run a round of machine without clothes so that it cleanses itself of any allergens leftover.

Moreover, mop your walls and floor with disinfecting sanitation that cleans the area and makes it allergy-free for you to do laundry peacefully.

Wash Clothes in Hot Water

There’s a reason why people with strong allergies are advised to do laundry with hot water setting. As dust particles are a common cause of triggering allergy, which is easily present in bedsheets, rugs, curtains, and especially the off-season clothes that have been in the wardrobe for a long-time. Once washed using hot water, dry them in the dryer rather than hanging on the clothesline. 

Ditch Those Dryer Sheets

Many people are habitual of putting a dryer sheet in the dryer for better fragrance and quality drying. But do they prompt an allergic reaction? Yes. These white light sheets are made up of using polyester covered in a fabric-softener chemical which can be harsh to people who suffer from allergies.