How to Wash Dress Shirts & Blouses

Wash At Home


  • Unbutton all buttons
  • Remove any collar stays or cufflinks 
  • Pretreat stains for about 20 minutes


To minimize wear and tear, use a high quality detergent and wash shirts or blouses with cold water. Most garments require a delicate cycle, however, heavy or heavily soiled garments can handle a normal cycle. If your washing machine does not have a delicate cycle, wash by hand instead. 


To avoid wrinkles, remove the shirt from the wash as soon as the cycle is completed. Try to Hang or lay flat to dry, however, we recommend avoiding the dryer. 

Professionally Launder

Don’t have the time or patience to complete these necessary steps? Decide if you would like your shirt/blouse to be dry-cleaned or washed and pressed at your local laundromat. If your garment’s care tag states “Dry-clean only,” then the choice has been made for you!

Dry Cleaning is particularly effective in eliminating greasy, oily stains from synthetic fibers, which have an affinity for oils. Fluff and Fold is proud to say that our dry cleaning is done organically, ensuring your whites will be whiter and your colors more vivid!

General Tips

  • Always check the care tag label
  • Avoid chlorine-based detergents
  • Store dress shirts and blouses on wooden hangers
  • To avoid yellowing around the collar, wash shirts promptly after wearing them
  • Let your laundry service know about any stains prior to washing
  • Schedule a laundry pickup and enter your preference to skip the hassle entirely! 

Fluff and Fold prides itself on its highly trained staff of laundry professionals to meet your laundry and dry cleaning needs. We promise to always have you looking your best for any occasion. To stay up to date with us and see customer testimonials, follow us on Instagram!