How to Remove Armpit Stains

How to Remove Armpit Stains

Armpit stains are typically the result of perspiration mixing with the skin’s natural bacteria and deodorant residue. Even though we’ve all experienced them at one point or another, they can still be embarrassing and unwanted. Next time you have an unsightly stain on one of your favorite tops, check out these common household remedies to treat armpit sweat stains. We bet you’ll have at least one of them!

Hydrogen Peroxide

Soak only the stained part of the garment in equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water. Because of the bleaching qualities of hydrogen peroxide, this method can only be used on white shirts.

Dish Detergent

Combine one part dish detergent with two parts hydrogen peroxide. Scrub the stain with this mixture and let it for at least an hour before washing.


Pour and rub a small amount of vinegar directly onto the stain directly before laundering.

Lemon Juice

Scrub the stain with a mixture of equal parts lemon juice and water then wash as normal.


Crush two aspirins into a powder and mix with 1/2 cup of warm water to form a paste. Soak the stain in the solution for two to three hours.


Dissolve 4 tablespoons of salt into 1 quart hot water. Pat this solution over the stain until it is no longer visible.

Baking soda

Mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda with 1/4 cup warm water until it forms a paste. Use this to pretreat clothing before placing in the wash, or let the paste completely dry if the stain is severe.

How to Prevent Armpit Stains

Just because you know how to remove armpit stains, doesn’t mean you have to! Here are a few easy steps you can take to prevent armpit stains from ever happening again.

Wear An Undershirt

Adding an extra layer between the skin and your shirt can prevent perspiration and stains from reaching your outer layer of clothing. There are even specialty sweat-proof undershirts on the market if you’ve been disappointed with regular undershirts in the past.

Switch Antiperspirants

One of the biggest causes of visible armpit stains is sweat mixing with aluminum, an ingredient commonly found in antiperspirants. However, aluminum-based antiperspirants are also the most effective at curbing excessive underarm sweat. While you may not be able to ditch aluminum completely, there are some choices on the market that claim to prevent both unwanted stains and wetness.

Wash Shirts Immediately

Stains become harder to remove the longer they set, so the sooner you wash your shirts, the less likely it is that stains will form. As a preventative measure, you can take any one of the steps above to pretreat stains before tossing your shirts in the wash.