How to Properly Store Winter Clothes

How to Properly Store Winter Clothes

Spring has sprung! This means the flowers are blooming and the weather is starting to heat up. It’s time to pack away all of your coats, sweaters, and other winter clothes. If you’re looking for a more efficient way for how to properly store your winter clothes, look no further than our guide!

Wash Your Clothes Before You Store Them

It would be a shame to pack dirty, worn clothing. Before you put anything away, don’t forget to dry clean wool and cashmere coats and sweaters. Likewise, give your other winter items and coats a nice machine wash. Not only will this preserve your clothes, but it’ll ensure they’re ready to wear come next winter!

Store Sweaters Properly

Wool and cashmere must be placed in durable boxes. They cannot be hung, as this could stretch the fabric and ruin the shape. Consider placing sweaters in boxes designed to fit right under your bed or on shelves!

Pack Bulky Items Carefully

Puffy coats, blankets, and scarves are all bulky and can become a hassle when it comes to finding storage. Pack these items efficiently in vacuum-sealed bags!

Store Items In The Right Place

Storing your clothes in the proper place can preserve your winter items and protect them from damage. Remember that clothing should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place.

Looking for alternative methods? When we launder your winter clothes, we return them packed in an air-sealed bag that makes for easy, convenient storage! Contact Fluff & Fold to learn more about our pricing!