How To Not Screw Up Your Clothes While Drying

Drying your clothes in the dryer is efficient because it saves time but it is more than just shoving your clothes in and pressing start. Have you ever dried something and noticed it was damaged afterwards? Or maybe you accidentally shrunk one of your favorite shirts and now it doesn’t fit. 

Here are some tips on how to NOT screw up your clothes while drying: 

  1. Make sure when you are transferring your freshly washed & wet clothes to the dryer, that you make sure they aren’t twisted with another piece of clothing. This prevents certain areas from being too dry or damp. It prevents wrinkles as well! 
  2. Don’t overload the dryer thinking you will save time, it does the opposite. When there’s more clothes than the machine recommends, it doesn’t have enough room for the clothes to “fluff out” and you’ll usually end up waiting more time. You may even notice your clothes are still damp in places. 
  3. Add a dryer sheet! Dryer sheets help soften your clothes and even reduces static cling, making it easier to get out of the dryer.
  4. It is VERY important to choose the correct setting for your clothes on the dryer:
    Cotton: This is for high heat items such as towels, jeans, sweats, and other heavy fabrics that may need more drying time.
    Permanent Press: This will have medium heat for synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon, & acrylic.
    Gentle: This is low heat for delicate items such as underwear and workout clothes.
    Air Dry: This option is great for refreshing clothes and fluffing pillows. 
  5. Remove your clothes from the dryer as soon as you can after they are done. This will prevent wrinkles from setting in. 
  6. When we buy clothes/other materials, we’d like for them to remain nice for as long as possible. The best choice you could make is always reading the care label on the item to know exactly how to wash & dry your clothes/item. 

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