How to Clean Your Laundry Machines

How to Clean Your Laundry Machines

After years of washing and drying your clothes in the same machine at home, you may seem to notice they don’t get as clean as they used to. This could be because the washer/dryer itself needs to be cleaned! If not cleaned on a regular basis, your machines store lint, fabric, hair, dirt, etc that clogs pipes, resulting in the machine not running properly. Follow these helpful tips to ensure the best laundry cycle you can achieve!

Let’s take a look at tips you can do every wash/day to prolong the lifespan of your machines.

  1. Keep the machine level at all times. A washing machine that is off center can violently vibrate, move across the floor, and even leak if it’s bad enough. Protect your machine and floor by always keeping the machine level.
  2. Don’t overload the machine. Follow the directions closely on your machine or your machine’s manual when adding clothes. Having too many clothes can overload the cycle, clog pipes, and usually won’t clean your clothes properly due to the clothes not being able to move around as much as they should.
  3. Measure your detergent. Did you know that putting too much detergent for your cycle can cause the soap to STAY in your clothes? Meaning if there’s too much soap, it won’t be able to wash out thoroughly. This could also result in your washing machine overflowing with suds and it can be a huge mess to clean up.

Now let’s learn how to clean your at home washer and dryer! We recommend washing your washing machine at least once a month to get all unnecessary particles clear. You’ll need oxygen bleach or borax to add (or an equivalent).


  1. For a front load washer, load 2 tablespoons of your choice of cleaning solution in the tub of the machine. For a top loading machine, put ½ of each of the powders in the wash tub.
  2. If your machine has a “clean tub” cycle option, use that. If not, select the largest cycle with the hottest temperature possible.
  3. At the end of the cycle, add vinegar to the liquid dispenser tray or washer tub. Use 2 cups for a front-loading machine or 1 quart for a top loading machine.
  4. Run another hot water wash cycle
  5. After the cycle has completed, wipe the inside down with a microfiber towel to clean up any residue.


The process for cleaning a dryer is simpler.

  1. Remove lint from the lint trap after EVERY use. If you notice your clothes not getting dry after a cycle this could be the reason why it’s not drying properly.
  2. Wipe down any residue off the dryer drum. Sometimes it’s challenging for the dryer to eliminate items that clump together so an extra hand may be needed. A damp sponge or damp towel should do the trick.
  3. Have vents cleaned. Once every year or so, having the vents cleared out will make sure necessary air can pass through easily, resulting in a faster and more accurate drying cycle.

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