How to Choose the Right Machine at the Laundromat

We know you don’t want to spend your precious day fiddling with laundry, but you do want your clothes to be fresh and clean when you go to wear them. In order to get your laundry ready and back into your wardrobe, you’ll first need to start with the right machine at the laundromat. Stop shoving all of your dirty clothes into the first open washing machine you see and smarten up about the way you do laundry! To find out which machine you should be using at the laundromat, follow our instructions down below. 


Know the Weight of the Load

In order to choose which machine is right for your load, take into consideration the weight of the load that you need to wash. For instance, a small machine can only hold up to 6 pounds of clothing. If you know you are washing heavier items consider using a medium-sized washer which can typically hold up to 8 pounds of laundry. For loads heavier than 8 pounds, use a commercial washer that can do loads of laundry up to 15 pounds. Try to avoid doing one load of laundry if the load is too big! It is always better to separate the loads based on weight and color. 


Check Size of Items

When choosing the right machine, the size of your clothing items matters. For bigger items like coats and comforters you should use a bigger washing machine so the items have more room to move. It is always a good idea to balance out your load so that you aren’t doing wash filled with only heavier items. Try separating the heavier items into loads with smaller items. Over packed machines won’t properly clean laundry.


Read Machine Instructions

Look carefully for instructions on the machines and around the laundromat to help you choose which machine is right for you. Perhaps you’re looking for a certain feature that one machine offers and another one doesn’t. This will help you get your laundry done the way you want it. 


Mind Your Time

Be aware of how much time the machine will take to wash your clothes. If you are limited on the amount of time you have, try organizing your laundry into smaller loads so you can use more than one machine at the same time. This will be way more effective than overfilling one machine so you get the job done faster and done right. 

While Fluff & Fold makes it as easy as possible for you to perfectly and quickly clean your clothes, there are still some steps and precautions that are important to keep in mind to keep your clothes and items in their best possible shape. While you might not have enough time to devote to your laundry, we do! We can pick up and then deliver your laundry/dry-cleaning, or just drop it off at one of your usual locations. We can’t wait to see you again!