How to Avoid Ironing Your Clothes

How to Avoid Ironing Your Clothes

After washing, drying, and treating stains, do you really have the time or energy to iron your clothes before putting them back in your closet? Some people find laundry relaxing and peaceful, but others just want to get it done as fast as possible. If you feel like there are too many steps to laundry day, here are five ways to avoid ironing your clothes!

1. White Vinegar

Adding a cup of white vinegar to your load of laundry will deodorize clothing and help soften wrinkles. Vinegar has the same benefits as using a fabric softener and can be even used to fight stains.

2. Fold or Hang Clothes Right Away

Wrinkles begin to set in once clothes start to cool down after the drier. To combat this, fold your clothing as soon as it is done drying for a nicer, crisper fold. Similarly, when clothes are hung to cool, all wrinkles typically just fall out on their own.

3. Use an Anti-Wrinkle Spray

There are many commercial wrinkle remover sprays available for purchase, or you can make your own with just a couple of ingredients. Combine one part water with one part fabric softener and spray lightly onto clean clothing to release creasing. Your garments must remain hung up so the mixture can allow the fabric to relax.

4. Re-run the Dryer

For items that are wrinkled all over, putting them back in the drier is the most efficient way to make them wearable again. Place them back in the dryer with a damp towel or washcloth to create steam, which will release the wrinkles. Dry on  high for 5-10 minutes then wear, fold, or hang the items.

5. Use Steam

Even with taking the precautions listed above, you may find yourself in a pinch with a wrinkled article of clothing. Handheld steamers are great for quick and easy touch ups between washes. Alternatively, if you do not own a steamer, you can hang your garments in the bathroom while you shower for an inexpensive, effortless solution. The wrinkles will naturally soften, and require a gentle tug to completely disappear.