Many people procrastinate washing and changing their bed sheets 一 especially, if they only own one pair. It can also be frustrating to wrestle with a fitted sheet that never seems to quite fit your mattress. 

Washing sheets may feel like a struggle, but it is important to work this task into your laundry routine. Like most laundry questions, the truest answer is it depends. We’ll leave you to make your own decisions based on the information below!

What If I Don’t Change My Sheets?

As we sleep, dirt, sweat, body oils, and skin cells transfer onto our bed sheets. Without properly washing your sheets, bacteria and even dust mites are likely to accumulate. While this isn’t incredibly dangerous to our health, things like traveling or sharing a bed can cause skin infections or viruses. 

When washed, however, the hot, soapy water will kill the lingering germs from your sheets. The safest, cleanest way to wash your sheets is once per week. To make the chore more manageable, we recommend having a second pair of sheets to use in the meantime. It’s not a hard and fast rule, but we would not recommend going more than two weeks without a wash.

In some cases, a weekly wash at minimum may be necessary if you: 

  • Have allergies
  • Sweat a lot
  • Have a contagious illness
  • Have a partner with any of the above
  • Sleep with a pet

Tips for Washing Bed Sheets

  • Always read the care label
  • Sort your sheets by color
  • Do not overload the machine
  • Use a gentle detergent
  • Avoid washing different fabric blends together
  • Skip the dryer sheets
  • Pro Tip: Combine towels and sheet sets to save time

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