Common Laundromat Etiquette

Common Laundromat Etiquette

If you visit a laundromat often, you know there are certain do’s and don’ts of each one. Sometimes each laundromat has their own unspoken rules. To make the trip more enjoyable, let’s take a look at some common laundromat etiquette.

1. Don’t Leave Clothes in the Washer/Dryer

This is not to say that you need to stand by your laundry for the entirety of each cycle. It’s most of the time acceptable for people to leave their clothes washing/drying while they leave the laundromat for a short period of time. Please choose your outing carefully. Set a timer to ensure no time is wasted or you don’t forget altogether. If you’re gone for too long, this may result in your laundry being moved to any open space.

2. Don’t Add Too Much Product

Overfilling the washer with detergent, bleach, or fabric softener can severely damage the machine and even create a safety hazard. Also, if you leave behind soap residue or bleach, it could damage the next person’s clothes. Use a small amount of product or follow instructions on the back of the bottle or the machine itself to secure the best outcome.

3. Don’t Try to Reserve a Machine

This is a common issue when the laundromat gets busy or when there is a machine/machines that are significantly better than the others. Trying to reserve a dryer while your laundry is still finishing causes more chaos than order. Let the laundromat owner know if there seems to be a pattern of not having enough dryers versus washers.

4. Respect People’s Space

Try to only take up the space that you need. Don’t leave some of your clothes on a bench and some on a folding table while you are in a totally different area. It promotes order when you gather your things to move from area to area. Be sure that you don’t leave your items in places you are not using. This may cause someone to move your things without care or even take them.

5. Clear your Area

We all need to do our part in keeping our environments clean. Be sure to gather all of your personal items within the machines while switching over like socks, undergarments, or any other small items left that could be out of view. Dispose of any trash such as dryer sheets and empty detergent bottles. To keep the space safe, clean up any spilled detergent, softener, or bleach off the floor or let a laundromat employee know where the spill is.

At Fluff & Fold, our goal is to provide you with an easy laundromat experience that is clean, safe, and relaxing. If you’re tired of doing laundry, consider using our pickup and delivery service so that you never have to worry about laundry again!