Choosing the Right Detergent for You

As you’ve seen at any grocery store, there are many options for laundry detergent with different brands, scents, liquid, powder, pods, and options for different ingredients. How are you supposed to know which will get your laundry the cleanest and smell nice without damaging it? Let’s take a look at the different types of detergent and the properties of each.

Liquid Detergent

Because it is a liquid just as the water that your clothes are in, liquid detergent works great against fighting stains from food, grease, and oil. Another benefit of using liquid is that you can use it as a pre-treat for stains as well. For those stains that have been on the clothing for a while, rub some detergent on the stain and let it sit about an hour before your clothes go into the wash. It will soak into the fibers of the clothing making it easier to wash out within the cycle. Another benefit of liquid detergent is it is effective under any temperature of water. Contract to powder due to it not being able to dissolve under lower water temperatures.

Powder Detergent

Powder Detergent is a great choice for everyday loads. Powder targets the overall cleanliness of your clothes, leaving them sparkling once finished. It’s effective in removing dirt, surface level stains, and everyday outdoor stains.

Scented Detergents

Whatever you’d prefer your clothes to smell like, it’s almost guaranteed there is a detergent scent for that. But if you have sensitive skin, scented detergents aren’t the way to go. Fabric softeners and dryer sheets are loaded with fragrance and should be avoided as well. There is always an option for unscented detergents that nearly every brand has its own so pick your favorite brand – or the cheapest.

High Efficiency Detergent

You know what this is already if you have the corresponding washer. High Efficiency detergent is for high efficiency washers. High efficiency detergents produce fewer suds and make it easier for the washers to rinse out the soap. High efficiency detergents can be used in any washer but if you wash a high efficiency washer, you should only use high efficiency detergent.

Amount of Detergent

Many people put however much laundry detergent they want to in their machine but this could actually be damaging the machine and your clothes. If you add too much you run the risk of it not being rinsed out of your clothes and clogging up your washer. A little goes a long way. Be sure to follow any instructions on the back of the detergent container.

Remember to always check your machine and follow any instructions it gives. If you’re tired of doing laundry altogether, consider using our pickup and delivery service so that you never have to worry about laundry again! At Fluff & Fold, we offer a large number of modern machines and products that will have your clothes perfectly clean in no time.