Ways to Make Laundry Easier

Ways to Make Laundry Easier

Laundry can be such a pain. Between waiting for machines to finish up, lugging dirty and clean clothes back and forth, separating, folding, and putting away, it can be an all-day ordeal. Especially for large families. Seeking reprieve? Follow these steps in order to make laundry easier!

1. Separate Before You Wash

Sorting laundry is tedious and time consumer – that’s no secret. Why not skip a step and invest in hampers that do the sorting for you? There are plenty of divided hampers available for purchase. Designate one side for lights and one for darks – or if you’re feeling particularly meticulous, consider categorizing based on color or fabric.

2. Wash Less Often

Finding time to do laundry is always a struggle. One of the most simple ways to may laundry easy is to wash your clothes less often. Schedule to do wash your clothes once a week rather than every day… not only will this simplify your routine, but it’ll save your clothes as well!

3. Use a Mesh Bag

Using a mesh bag isn’t just a great way to protect your delicates if can keep all of your smaller loose items from getting lost in the Great Beyond. Save time fishing out clothes from the washer or dryer and place your items into a zippered mesh bag that’ll stay firmly shut through your wash cycle. And don’t forget to purchase a couple of options depending on what you’re putting inside.

4. Wash Properly

Make sure that you wash your clothes carefully, paying attention to the little symbols on the tags. This will not only save your clothes but ensure that you’re washing things properly and saving valuable drying time. Consider purchasing a handy portable chart to help you decipher these symbols… or better yet, check out our guide.

5. Outsource the Laundry

When push comes to shove, outsourcing your laundry is a valuable tool in terms of saving time, money, and effort washing your clothes. At Fluff & Fold, we love you more than we love your dirty laundry!