Tips for Drying Clothes in the Dryer

What are the best tips for drying clothing in the dryer? Read below to find out!

Check Your Heat Settings

Dryer settings are certainly not one-size-fits all! If dried on high heat, some fabrics, like spandex and silk, could shrink. Follow our guide below to ensure your garments are dried on the appropriate heat setting. 

  • High Heat — Durable Cotton Garments (denim jeans, towels)
  • Medium Heat — Lightweight Cotton Garments (t-shirts, linen blankets)
  • Low Heat — Polyester Garments (vests, polo shirts)
  • Air-Dry — Delicates (lace undergarments, wool sweaters) 


Check Your Fabrics

These fabrics should not be placed in a dryer. After the wash cycle, lay them flat for 24-48 hours to dry.

  • Cashmere
  • Wool
  • Satin
  • Never put suede or leather in the wash or dryer


Reduce the Size of Your Load

Cramming a large load of clothes into the dryer may feel efficient, but it will only increase the drying time! Avoid extra dry-cycles by only putting about half of one full load into your machine. 


Use Dryer Sheets

Toss in one dryer-sheet with each load to eliminate odors, reduce static, and make your garments softer. They are also great alternatives to fabric softener if your washing machine only takes liquid detergent. 

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