Making Your Clothes Last

Making your clothes last longer isn’t just about being gentle with them; it’s about being aware of what is damaging them and how to prevent these things from happening. Let’s take a look at tips on how to preserve your clothes:

Follow the Care Instructions

Laundry is annoying sometimes, and we have a tendency to throw all of our clothes into as few loads as possible to save time and energy. However, this can definitely damage your clothes, especially when you wash your delicates with jeans and t-shirts. Not only can the buttons and zippers on jeans cause damage to your delicates, but the washing and drying settings may also cause damage. Jeans need to be dried longer due to their thickness and amount of material. Your delicate items can be dried quickly at a lower temperature, so adding them in with your jeans can cause damage quickly.

Store Your Clothes Properly

When a warmer season comes around, there are usually two types of people. Some leave all their clothes hanging in their closet year-round, while others pack away their winter outfits and coats until the weather gets chillier again. If you leave your clothes hanging up year-round, you could permanently damage them. Hanging your clothes for that long can distort their shape to a point of no return, making them fit weirdly on your body. Wooden or padded hangers can help with this, but be sure to stay away from wire hangers. If you choose to pack away your off-season clothes, be sure to fold them neatly and loosely, and avoid exposing them to sunlight.

Treat Stains Right Away

The longer a stain sits on a piece of clothing, the less likely it is to come out. Treating stains promptly is essential for preserving your clothing, as no one wants to wear clothes with stains all over them. If you don’t have time to extensively treat the stain immediately, try dabbing some detergent on it and letting it sit. This will prevent the stain from attaching itself to the fibers. Another tip is to carry around a stain-removing pen or stick for on-the-go treatment. Whatever your process is, the key is to remove the stain quickly.

Use the Right Type of Detergent

You can buy detergent for almost any laundry issue you encounter, and that includes those that can help preserve your clothes longer. Be sure to always check the care instructions, as they sometimes recommend a specific type of detergent. We also recommend using a soft and gentle detergent on your clothes. These have fewer harsh chemicals and will treat your clothes gently. You can purchase a gentle detergent in almost any brand. Just be sure to do your research if needed.

Your clothes are more than just pieces of fabric covering you. Your clothing is how you express yourself, protect yourself from the elements, and carry a unique story. Don’t settle for buying a new wardrobe every year because your clothes keep getting ruined. Follow these tips to ensure the best quality for your clothes. At Fluff & Fold, our goal is to provide you with an easy laundromat experience that is clean, safe, and relaxing. If you’re tired of doing laundry, consider using our pickup and delivery service so that you never have to worry about laundry again!