Benefits of Line Drying Clothes

Benefits of Line Drying Clothes

While many think of line drying clothing as a laundry technique of the past, it actually has many benefits that outweigh the convenience of modern clothes dryers. Here are five of our favorite benefits of this old-fashioned method!

1. Saves Money

Laundry is an ongoing investment. If you are lucky enough to already own appliances, you know the upkeep with detergent, dryer sheets, and energy costs can be overwhelming. Especially when you consider how many loads of laundry one household can do in a week. Cut down on your bills by eliminating dryer costs and going natural instead.

2. Brightens Whites

Leaving your clothes in the sun for a few hours is the best, most natural way to bleach your whites. It is also great at disinfecting clothing, towels, and sheets, leaving your laundry with a clean, fresh smell. Keep in mind that alternatively, leaving dark-colored clothing in excessive sunlight may cause harm. Just keep these items in the shade, or wait until it is overcast outside to prevent colors from fading.

3. No Harsh Chemicals

Those who are sensitive to perfumes and dyes know the effects harsh chemicals can have on your skin. Even if you do not experience severe reactions, limiting the chemical inside your home is beneficial to your health. Line drying is gentle on clothing, meaning your clothing will be more gentle on you.

4. Reduces Wrinkles

If you are looking to remove a step from your laundry routine, line drying is a great technique to avoid the need to iron your clothes. Hang your garments to dry directly after the wash while it is still wet for a neatly pressed look.

5. Better for the environment

Line drying clothing is a more sustainable option for the environment in a variety of ways. It helps to conserve energy and protect fossil fuels, while also limiting the output of carbon dioxide. Additionally, skipping the dryer means ditching single-use dryer sheets, which are known to be harmful to the environment.